CRe8 is a Fund Manager with a combined Board experience of 38 years in the finance and property industries providing investors with cashflow returns uniquely secured by mortgages and cash. Our investments help Australians actualise the Australian dream while providing superior investor returns.

Risk Management

CRe8 is Compliance, efficiency & risk management priority focused. Below are just a few of our policies to assure our mortgage investments are as secure as possible.

High Qualification Criteria
Mortgage investments are rigorously assessed and their information verified utalising independent reportng bodies (eg. Veda, HEM, banks, etc.), agents and employers. Qualification criteria benchmarks have been set higher than the more stringent industry standards with an added margin to ensure affordability even during rising market interest rates. It is believed that most of the default risk mitigation is in the appropriate qualification of borrowers.

Quality Security Assets
Only the highest security property categories, 1 & 2, will be permited from Genworth's Security Location Guide. High density property assets are not permited as the primary security. Properties are restricted to certain areas of Victoria and Queensland as the best prospect for continued value growth.

Independently Valued Security Assets
Independent licenced and insured property valuers are engaged to assess the proposed security property value specifically for our mortgage investment purposes.

Cash Backed Security
10% of the fund, generated from profit, is held as cash for capital security purposes. This is believed to be a significant multiple of the industry default rate, covering 100% of the capital value in an unconceivable 26% default of the loan book. This capital risk diminishes with time as borrowers pay down capital with their monthly principal repayments.


Nik Lal
Sherpa Financial Group Pty Ltd (Owner)
It is a pleasure to work with CRe8 who put the client's best interests first. They are a true advocate of thinking outside the box to achieve the best possible outcome and have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and the ability and skills to apply that knowledge accurately.

Fab Mastro
Mortgage Choice Whittlesea (Owner)
Residential Investment Specialist
CRe8 and I have been doing business for over 6 years, assisting mutual clients in achieving their Property dreams. In that time I have seen first-hand their number one quality and the only reason we have continued to do business - their ongoing integrity with each and every client. At the heart of everything is achieving the best possible outcome for the client and it's this outcome that creates the synergy between our businesses.

Cao Ting
Mindset Coach/Trainer/Public Speaker
I met Paul many years ago in an event, where he is the one of the organisers. The first impression of him is some one who is very creative, always thinking out of the box and willing to try. Later after I know him better and I found he is someone also with a big heart. We became close friend to each other soon after that, and he brought cashflow to our real life. I invested with him, which was totally based on the trust between us. The deal is very innovative and generates 9.75% cash on cash on-going return every year until now, which is one of the deal of mine giving me the financial freedom right now. I got into investing area for quite a few years and always heard someone saying something is too good to be true. Well, it is true only by surrounding yourself with people like Paul, who perceive this world with full of possibility.

Joshua Hennessy
Paul has an incredibly contagious drive to lead people to success, helping them achieve the freedom of choice in life. Since day one, Paul has guided my wife and I to choose successful and strategic investment opportunities, for instant and future wealth generation.

The Board

Paul Wiwatowski
Executive Director

In 2007 Paul began investing in finance and property cashflow strategies. By 2011 he had built a personal portfolio substantial enough to give him his financial freedom. The key to his success was creating solutions to problems he faced as a young investor, such as developing techniques that allowed him to fund his investments with minimal capital. These techniques became more and more efficient as the business of CRe8 Home Finance was developed and grew. Paul now also holds a real estate licence.

Adam Firnigl
Executive Director

Adam has a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and a post-graduate diploma in Business Management. He has also completed a Cert IV in Property Services (Real Estate) and a Cert IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking). With over 20 years experience working as a Director of Manufacturing Operations with two international $billion scientific instrumentation manufacturing companies, he has brought his strong quality and compliance oriented experience to the property finance market, firstly at a personal level, then for commercial clients.

Lewis O'Brien

Lewis has the best combination of business qualifications offered in the state of Victoria being a Commerce Degree and Law Degree (with Honours) from the University of Melbourne and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.
Lewis is recognised as a leading authority on innovative property investment techniques and has acted for and is recommended by many of Victoria's most successful property investors. His qualifications and experience assist CRe8 Home Finance to negotiate the regulatory environment and achieve its goals.

Interested in Investing

We provide investors with cashflow returns by investing money ethically and transparently. We lead by example and invest our own capital so you know that our primary focus is continuing to generate a secure and superior return on investment that we all benefit from together.

We welcome local and overseas investors and are happy to communicate via phone, email, skype and face to face depending on your needs.

If you are interested in becoming an investor please contact us.


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